Mustang Seeds Plot Data

Seed is a major input decision that every grower has to make. We’re here to help.

Each year Mustang Seeds work with producers across our business area to establish field scale and strip trials, providing you performance information for your local area. Additionally, Mustang Seeds participates the Farmers’ Independent Research of Seed Technology and several university agronomy trials to offer third party performance results to help you make informed decisions for your farm.

Mustang Seeds Performance Data

File Year Crop Harvest Data? Farmer City State
Download 2023Corn-Dallas ThomasFarnhamvilleIowa
Download 2023Corn-Joe SerbusFranklinMinnesota
Download 2023Corn-Dustin HauschildHendricksMinnesota
Download 2023Corn-Jeremy LuthensHutchinsonMinnesota
Download 2023Corn-Maurice Blomme Jr.MarshallMinnesota
Download 2023Corn-Ray MunsellMorganMinnesota
Download 2023Corn-Steve Mcholda (Farm Fest)Redwood FallsMinnesota
Download 2023Corn-Rocky SchreursBalticSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Hunter HeidebrechtBeresfordSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Crow Creek FarmsFort ThompsonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Doug RoggowGregorySouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Lyman HansonHazelSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Darin GullicksonLake PrestonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Frank VirchowLake PrestonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Trent LutterLebanonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Andrew StromMadisonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Mustang Seeds (Kiners)MadisonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Mustang Seeds Show PlotMadisonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Bob Weisz (Dakota Fest Plot)MitchellSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Sonne FarmsMount VernonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Corn-Luke & Joel SchneiderOldhamSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Keith EggebraatenArlingtonMinnesota
Download 2023Soybeans-Tom ChrictionsonHutchinsonMinnesota
Download 2023Soybeans-Maurice Blomme, Jr.MarshallMinnesota
Download 2023Soybeans-Steve Mcholda (Farm Fest)Redwood FallsMinnesota
Download 2023Soybeans-Mark PalmquistCanovaSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Trent LutterGann ValleySouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Trent LutterGettysburgSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Doug RoggowGregorySouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Lyman HansonHazelSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Darin GullicksonLake PrestonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Matt FieldsLake PrestonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Mark MergenMadisonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Mustang Seed (Enlist South Plot)MadisonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Mustang Seeds (Xtendflex North Plot)MadisonSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Bob Weisz (Enlist)MitchellSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Bob Weisz (Xtendflex)MitchellSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Tim GrabowSouth ShoreSouth Dakota
Download 2023Soybeans-Tim GrabowSouth ShoreSouth Dakota