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Coyote Seeds

Coyote Brand Seeds has been a premier field seed provider since the early 1940’s. The company was and is most well known for its Coyote 990 Alfalfa, which is a very winter hardy Midwestern blend alfalfa that has performed for farmers and ranchers for decades. 

The Coyote Brand is sold by retailers throughout Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota. It has provided growers different options in field seeds at competitive prices for decades. The quality seed that Coyote offers is also grown in this region and is well adapted to handle the Midwestern hot dry summers and cold winters. 

Coyote Brand Seeds from its inception until 2008 was distributed out of Bridgewater, South Dakota. In 2008 Coyote was purchased by Mustang Seeds company and is distributed out of Madison, South Dakota.


  1. We use seed varieties that have their origins from our growing area.
  2. Our quality is reflected by our buying and growing process. We reject all seed that doesn’t meet our quality standards.
  3. We use only local growers that are certified seed producers and have the knowledge of seed production.
  4. Our cleaning plant has experienced personal that have the desire to deliver a superior product to our customers.