Glyphosate Tolerant

M-690 G/T

  • Bushy, medium-tall plant with excellent emergence and standability
  • Good IDC score with very good White Mold tolerance
  • Matures as a late 0.9 or early Group I soybean
TechnologyG/T Lodging1.4
RM0.9 Phytoph. ResistanceS
Plant TypeIB Phytoph. Tolerance1.8
Plant HeightMT Cyst ResistanceSUSCEPTIBLE
HilumBR Brown Stem RotS
Pubescent ColorLTW Iron Chlorosis2.1
Flower ColorW White Mold1.6

M-771N G/T

  • A proven performer with Cyst Nematode protection
  • A very adaptable soybean for varying field conditions
  • 1.7 maturity that will yield with the early Group II soybeans
TechnologyG/T Lodging2.0
RM1.7 Phytoph. ResistanceRps1k
Plant TypeI Phytoph. Tolerance2.0
Plant HeightM Cyst ResistanceRESISTANT
HilumBL Brown Stem RotS
Pubescent ColorG Iron Chlorosis2.2
Flower ColorP White Mold2.3

Soybean Piracy Statement

Seed containing a patented trait can only be used to plant a single commercial crop from which seed cannot be saved and replanted. Examples of seed containing a patented trait include but are not limited to Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans, and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans. Additional information and limitations on the use of these products are provided in the Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement and the Monsanto Technology Use Guide. U.S. patents for Monsanto technologies can be found at the following webpage: