Cover Crop Rye

Cover Crop Rye is a dwarf variety and provides an excellent choice for cover crop where the extra height and forage yield is not needed.  Average height is the same as most winter wheat.  Cover Crop Rye is also an excellent choice for grain production.  It has above average yield and threshes easier than most other varieties.

Forage Rye

Forage Rye is excellent for fall and spring grazing, it is sometimes called winter rye or cereal rye.  Forage Rye provides high tonnage and excellent forage quality on late sprint harvests.  Forage Rye promotes excellent soil conditions to follow with soybeans, corn or another forage crop.

Soil N Graze

Soil N Graze is a premium rye used only from our highest quality lots:  90+ Germination and 99.50+ Purity Ergot free.