• Developed by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (NDAES) in cooperation with USDA and released in June 2001
  • The line was tested as ND941119and resulted from the cross ND880922/IAB605X
  • Morton is medium-late maturity being similar to Troy and two day later than Jerry
  • High test weight with groat percent slightly higher than Jerry
  • Tall oat with good straw strength, resistant to smut
  • Morton is protected under the U.S. PLant Variety Protection Act (PVP-94)
OriginND Straw StrengthVery Good
Year Released2001 Relative Plant HeightTall
Leaf RustMod-Sus. ProteinMedium
Stem RustMod-Resis. Grain ColorWhite
Stripe RustMod-Resis.-Mos-Sus. PVP+No
Relative Maturity7


  • Jerry oats were developed by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and released in March of 1994
  • The line was tested as ND870952
  • The pedigree of Jerry is Valley/3/RL3038/Kelsey//M22/Kelsey
  • Jerry is similar to Newdak in heading date and height and has good lodging resistance
  • Jerry has white hulls, which are fluorescent under UV light
  • Kernels have high test weight, groat percent and whole oat protein, but are not as high as Hytest in ND tests
  • Disease resistance ratings are moderately susceptible for barley yellow dwarf virus (BYD), smut and stem rust. Jerry is susceptible to crown rust
  • The variety has medium high protein
OriginND Straw StrengthGood
Year Released1994 Relative Plant HeightMedium
Leaf RustMod-Sus. ProteinMed-High
Stem RustMod-Sus. Grain ColorWhite
Stripe RustMod-Sus. PVP+No
Relative Maturity6

Mustang M-120 Forage Oats

  • It is a late maturing forage oat that has good leaf rust resistance
  • M-120 oats is a high tonnage forage oat that has out yielded Jerry and Loyal on tons per acre
  • It is a tall variety with a wide leaf for those extra tons per acre
OriginSD Straw StrengthGood
Year Released1990 Relative Plant HeightTall
Leaf RustMod-Resis. ProteinMedium
Stem RustSusceptible Grain ColorWhite
Stripe RustSusceptible PVP+--
Relative Maturity7