620APH2 Alfalfa

  • 620APH2 is a selection taken from our well established StandLife Genetics™Aphanomyces Evaluation Program
  • This product is very resistant to the numerous races of Aphanomyces we are encountering in a variety of areas within the Midwest
  • Yield and disease resistance are excellent. (DRI score 30/30). 620APH2 is a super competitive variety that will work in our toughest field environments, as well as normal disease environments
  • Key placement is on all soil types throughout the Midwest
  • This product is very winter hardy and will work into a 3-5 cut system very well



  • Fall Dormancy 
  • Winter Hardiness Index 
  • Anthracnose
  • Aphanomyces Race 1 
  • Bacterial Wilt 
  • Fusarium Wilt 
  • Phytophthora Root Rot 
  • Verticillium Wilt 

Alfalfa Rating Key

Ratings are based on the average performance of the variety over a wide range of climate and soil types. Actual performance may be adversely affected by extreme conditions. Unless stated, ratings are based on standardized testing procedures endorsed by the North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference.

FALL DORMANCY: The reaction of alfalfa varieties to decreasing day length and temperatures in the fall versus check varieties. FD 1 Norseman, FD 2 Vernal, FD 3 Ranger, FD 4 Saranac, FD 5 Archer, etc.
PEST RESISTANCE RATINGS: S = Susceptible with 0-5% resistant plants; LR = Low Resistance with 6-14% resistant plants; MR = Moderate Resistance with 15-30% resistant plants; R = Resistance with 31-50% resistant plants; and HR = High Resistance with greater than 50% resistant plants.
WISCONSIN DISEASE RATING INDEX: For the six major diseases of alfalfa, a variety is awarded 5 points for each HR, 4 points for each R, 3 points for each MR, 2 points for each LR and 1 point for each S. A perfect score is 30 of 30.
WINTER HARDINESS INDEX: 1 = Most hardy and least winter injury, 6 = Least hardy and injury resulting in plant death. Ratings are in relationship to the winter injury incurred by standard check varieties.