4297 VT2P RIB

  • 97 day
  • Very good late season health and stay green
  • Excellent Goss’s Wilt tolerance with very good roots and stalk
  • Performs well in a wide range of yield environments
  • Produces long flex ears.  Will move south of zone
Brand4297 VT2P RIB Seedling Vigor2.5
Maturity97 Stalk2.0
GDU To Maturity2350 Root2.0
Plant HeightMT Flower DateM
Ear HeightM Corn on Corn1.5
Ear TypeF Goss's Wilt2.0
Planting RateM-H Late Season Health1.5
Productive Soil1.5 Drydown2.5
Marginal Soil1.5 Test Weight2.5