Mustang Seeds receives 2017 LAIC Growth and Achievement Award

The Growth and Achievement award is announced annually at the LAIC’s Annual Meeting. It is awarded to a company that displays their abilities to to preserver, create jobs, facilitate job growth, leadership and/or facility growth.  Mustang Seeds, the recipient of this year’s award has persevered for 55 years – since Ray & Marlys Schultz developed the Mustang Seeds brand in 1963.

Mustang Seeds’ commitment to customer service is the establishment of Red Horse Crop Insurance.  Red Horse Crop Insurance offers customers guidance on insuring their crops.  With all the of the seed expansion and Crop Insurance expansion they knew they had to build new offices.  Construction was completed in January 2018 of their new office building.  The building consists of 16 offices and a large conference room.  With the growth that Mustang Seeds has experienced in recent years, they created a space to be more efficient for their customers and dealers.   We’re very proud to have a business-like Mustang Seeds in the area to receive this award as they are a growing business a fantastic employer and fantastic community supporter. – Paul Schultz, LAIC President

Congratulations to Mustang Seeds on their continued commitment to the community through the growth and expansion of their new office building.